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FCRP General Information

Campus at Pendle Hill
Pendle Hill Campus

FCRP 2018 Registration has closed.  We are at our limit.


The Conference is divided into PLENARY sessions and INTEREST GROUPS. Each year the FCRP Planning Committee plans future conferences and vets potential speakers on topics related to Quaker and Jungian thought, new trends in psychology, and individuation, ecology, and peace . We look for the intersection of mind, body, and spirit, and what will enrich the individuation process, with the hope of creating a more peaceful world. The plenary speaker presents four to five talks on the conference theme.  Among past plenary speakers are:  Joseph Campbell, Bill Plotkin, Donald Kalsched, and Joanna Macy and many others.  You can see a complete list of past FCRP plenary speakers by going to the FCRP History page of this web site.


Saturday and Sunday night feature our “evening diversions” for those who wish to participate. Saturday night this year will be an “ice cream social” with games, singing, and dancing in the Barn at Pendle Hill.  Sunday night will be given over to our ever popular “No Talent” Talent Show, an FCRP tradition.



Interest groups are integral to our conference.  FCRP interest group leaders are carefully selected and their topics vetted by the Planning Committee. The process that unfolds within the interest group—with its ups and downs and insights—is an important part of the FCRP experience. Interest groups are intended as a personal growth experience, not as therapy.

Groups are limited in size and assigned on a first-come basis. If the group you wish to attend is already filled, you will not see it in the list of choices on the registration form. Choose another group and if you still wish a particular interest group, you may contact the registrar to see if an exception can be made.

Interest groups vary in approach and content. Interest groups help deepen the experience of the plenary talks. This year’s interest groups are geared toward a mind-body connection and will range from meditative writing; intuitive poetry; family constellation work; reflective painting; grounding in the body techniques, including dance and tai chi, and discussion of the plenary talks. Interest groups will meet three times during the weekend.