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FCRP Registration

closing ceremony
FCRP Closing

FCRP 2017 is has completed. Please come back to this website for information on the 2017 conference when that is available.
 The 2018 conference will be held at Pendle Hill near Philadelphia, PA


MEMBERSHIP FEE: Any Conference attender is automatically a member but if that is not possible one can become a member for a fee of $20. Membership gives you access to our FCRP Archive website with a wealth of downloadable information from previous Conferences going back to the 1940’s. This fee can be paid any time during the year.  Check the Contribute page on this website for more information.

FEES for 2017 Conference:

The optional linen service includes sheets, a small pillow, towels, wash clothes and usually a bathmat.

Early Bird Fees

  • Commuter (lunch and dinner): $295.
  • Single Occupancy: $470 (without linens)
  • Single Occupancy: $490 (with linens)
  • Double Occupancy: $420 (without linens_
  • Double Occupancy: $440 ( with linens)

Late Fees
Add $25 to the fee after April 30, 2017.

Registration Service Fees
A fee of $3.55 for our registration service is added to the total along with a fee of 3.99% for credit card use.

Cancellation Policy

We will refund the cost of the registration except for the following except for the following cancellation fees:

  • $25 – cancellation before April 26th, 2017
  • $100  – cancellation between April 27 and May 15 2017

The following fees will apply if cancellation occurs within 14 days of the conference (after May 15, 2017):

  • $238 – double occupancy
  • $292 – single occupancy
  • $113 – commuter

Donation Codes for use during Registration

As per the request of some of our members you can also donate a small amount to FCRP along with your registration fees. To do this enter a donation code in the “discount or donation code” box on the registration form, use the donation code:

  • “donate10 ” to add $10
  • “donate25 ” to add $25
  • “donate50 ” to add $50
  • “donate100 ” to add a $100 donation.

Donations in any amount can also be submitted using the PayPal button on the Contribute page.


For a printable version of the 2017 FCRP brochure, click here.