Testimonials From Conference Attenders

“ How can attending FCRP further enhance my spiritual growth? I want the connection of fellow seekers who will help me grow spiritually. Through opportunities for meaningful dialogue, we share who we are and have the courage to lovingly accept all the parts.”
— M.F.

“A safe arena in which to explore within the context of both religion and psychology, both individual and corporate evil and within the FCRP Community to find ways to address and resist this evil.”
— E.M.

“FCRP recharges my spiritual battery to face another year of the world.”
— C.M.

“During the 70s and 80s when I worked in the corporate world, FCRP served as an annual pilgrimage for my depleted soul. Each year I gained renewed energy and returned to the world of work with calmer ghosts and demons.”
— J.C.

“No matter the theme, FCRP does more than provide information. The Conference experience enables us to apply new understanding, both psychologically and spiritually in ourselves — and also in the external world.”
— S.S.

“I came to FCRP with little knowledge of Quaker philosophy, so I wasn’t sure I would fit in. I wanted a Conference that was not only psychological in nature, but spiritual. I was welcomed by my Small Group and able to do more right-brained activities — which I often neglect in my daily life. I came away rejuvenated. You don't have to be a Quaker to get a lot out of the Conference.”
— C.L.M.

“I come to FCRP to learn to ‘love my crooked neighbor with my crooked heart’.”
— S. S.

“Using both a spiritual and psychological perspective, FCRP allows me individually (and allows our group as a whole) to wrestle joyfully, seriously, and creatively with the problem of evil — inside and out.”
— A. M.

“FCRP has helped me understand myself and my actions (and what is underneath) my motives more clearly so that I can be more effective in living my social ideals, in personal relations, in the larger community, and in my artistic work.”
— J.S.

“FCRP helps me learn more about what is going on in my own life and about my deep fears. I learn to better understand what is happening around me while it is happening. FCRP also helps me accept myself as I am and to see how I have changed and can change. Each year I am introduced to fascinating material and I experience a deep sense of community and comfort, and I am come away from my experience at the Conference energized.”
— J. W.

“I have come to see that almost all of motivation — what directs my actions and those of others — originates with attempts to deal with our demons. Since these demons are self-generated, my path to growth lies in living gracefully with them, and FCRP has been instrumental in these lessons.”
— G. S.

“What I want and expect from FCRP is community, stimulation, and expansion to support my spiritual and psychological evolution in a way that is responsive and relevant to our changing world.”
— M.R.

“The Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology provides a safe haven, structures, and rituals for spiritual growth for we seekers who wish to find a centered internal Spirit — or Wholeness — that will enable us to act with the best intentions of the world and its people at heart. Thirty years of attendance have made it my spiritual home and annual checkpoint for my soul’s journey.”
— L. K.

“FCRP is a place for exploring and expanding my inner journey in a supportive, encouraging, and stimulating community such that I support, encourage, and stimulate the journey of others as well.”
— P.Y.